About Halls Greenhouses

Halls Greenhouses, based in the UK, is an established British company that has been around for almost 100 years. Over the decades they have established a reputation for high-quality greenhouses at affordable prices. Originally the greenhouses were made of cedar and at one time Halls was the biggest importer of Canadian cedar in Britain.

Halls moved into aluminum greenhouses in the early 1970s. Fifty years later, the company continues to manufacture an award-winning range of garden buildings, which now feature the latest innovations in aluminum frames and glass glazing combined with a traditional and stylish appearance. Halls Greenhouses are built to last and are often passed down as heirlooms, from generation to generation.

The greenhouse kits come with instructions for installation. Included in the instructions are tips based on the experience of our own installers. These, along with a collection of instructional videos are enough for most people to put up their own greenhouses. Email or telephone support is always available.

The smaller models can usually be put up over a weekend once the foundation is done. The larger ones will usually take two people a couple of weekends to set up.

Halls Greenhouses BC

Russell Nursery, in North Saanich, BC is the authorized importer and BC distributor for Halls Greenhouses, which can be purchased through a network of dealers serving Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Greenhouse models are on display at Russell Nursery and at most other dealers for anyone who wants to have a look at them. Shipping is available within BC and Western Canada. Installation service is available in the Victoria area.