Installation Service

Installation service is available in Greater Victoria and the Gulf Islands.

The installation fee includes the timber foundation but not site preparation. When the installers arrive they will expect to find a leveled site with easy access and a gravel base in place.  See instructions for site preparation here.  Greenhouses can be installed on other surface types as well, such as a level concrete pad.  Please note, if you are planning to do something other than the standard timber foundation it would be advisable to arrange a pre-installation site visit so the installers can be prepared to work with it.

Greenhouse pricing includes glass. Taxes and gravel base not included. Delivery charges may apply, see below.

Model Installation and Foundation for Greater Victoria starts at:
Magnum 108 $1050.00
Magnum 128 $1150.00
Magnum 148 $1250.00
Popular 46 $550.00
Popular 86 $750.00
Popular 106 $850.00
Supreme 86 $750.00
Supreme 108 $1050.00
Supreme 128 $1150.00
Supreme 148 $1250.00
Wall Garden 42 $350.00
Wall Garden 62 $400.00

Delivery Service

Delivery may be available depending on your location. Please contact your local dealer to determine availability and cost.