Replacement accessories for your greenhouse are available at Russell Nursery. Contact us to check availability.

Square bolts and screws

Square Head Bolts & Nuts

$10.99 pkg. of 20

These Halls nuts and bolts also fit most English aluminum greenhouses.

Cropped Head nuts and bolts

Cropped Head Bolts & Nuts

$10.99 pkg. of 20

Cropped head bolts are cut to allow them to be retro-fit easily into the aluminum frame. Place the bolt where needed and twist it to seat it into place. The accessory is then attached onto the bolt.

Door repair kit

Door Repair kits


2 rollers, bolts with nuts and washers and 2 black plastic door guides for the base of the door 

Door weather seal

Door Weather Seals for 6′or 8′ wide models

$25.00 pkg. of 2 (only 2 needed for any freestanding GH)

Glass retaining clips

Glass Retaining Clips (also known as lap clips)

$10.99 pkg. of 20

Used to hold one pane of glass above another. Use two between panes.

Glazing Spring Clips

Glazing Spring Clips

$10.99 pkg. of 20

Used to secure panes of glass to the glazing bars.  Four are used per pane.

Spanner with handle

10mm Spanner w/ Handle


For Halls nuts and bolts.

Glazing strip

Glazing strip

$0.25 per ft.

Attaches to frame to cushion the glass.

Transition strip for Supremes