Powder Coating

While the plain aluminum frames are, in themselves, good-looking and durable, powder coating is an attractive option. It looks very smart and adds to the aesthetic, without affecting function or durability. If you live on the water, be aware that powder coating is not a good choice for seaside properties, as wind-born salt will corrode the finish within a few years. It is better to stick with aluminum.

If you plan to do your own installation, having the greenhouse powder coated can make it more complicated. When a greenhouse comes out of the box from the Halls factory, the parts are neatly bundled for each step in the installation process and the individual pieces are marked with a part number. Powder coating is done locally and the bundles are broken up. They come back all jumbled up in the box and while we re-bundle most of it, it may not always be quite as organized as it was to start with. We pay particular attention to re-bundling doors, vents, the door gable end, and the non-door gable end.

Each piece has a part number both on a sticker and stamped into the aluminum. Powder coating will obscure the part number stickers, but in most cases, you should still be able to see the stamped part number. If not, you can use the parts list in the manual to figure out what’s what. The parts list has the length, in millimetres, of each component and a small drawing of what the part looks like in profile (when you are looking at it from the end). By measuring the pieces, as well as checking their profiles, you will be able to figure out where each piece goes.

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