In addition to hardware for your greenhouse we also carry a selection of products for use in the greenhouse. Contact us to check availability.

Shade cloth

Curtain Shading 6′ x 8’6″


Curtain Shading 5′ x 12′


For those extra hot days or or for sensitive plants, this shading system is easy to install. The 8’6″ x 6′ Shading Kit is 2.59m long and 1.83m wide – enough for one side of an 8ft x 6ft greenhouse.

Down pipe

Stopend and Drainpipe Set


This rainwater kit can be used to channel water into a rain barrel, or just away from the greenhouse. Includes a stop end and downspout which slot into your greenhouse gutters. Available for Popular, Magnum and Silverline series. (Supreme greenhouses do not have gutters so downspouts cannot be used with them).